Accidental Damage Protection

Accidental Damage Protection provides Insurance coverage to electrical electronics dealerships and their customers who may subscribe to the e-channel protection scheme.

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Accidental Damage covers unintentional/ accidental damage caused by:

  • Falling/Dropping off of items insured from a position where it was originally placed and crashing.

  • An object falling on the Electronics and damaging it.

  • Damage as a result of fire.

  • Damage occurring while in transit or during relocation or while dismantling for the purpose of cleaning, repairing, overhauling.

  • wear and tear

  • Aesthetic Defects-(scratches on painted or enameled Surfaces)

  • Manufacturer/Suppliers defects/faults

  • Damage due to electrical supply faults/failures

  • Corrosion, Incrustation

  • Gradual deterioration due to atmospheric conditions

  • Willful or deliberate acts

  • Defective workmanship

  • inherent vice

  • Theft

  • Electronic Stores

  • Departmental Stores

  • Multi-purpose shops

  • Supermarkets

  • To disclose all material facts

  • Payment of premium

  • Immediate notification of claimable event

  • Provision of necessary claim substantiating documents

  • Cooperate with claim adjusters

  • VISA|MasterCard|Verve|Digital Pin

Immediately upon agreement of benefits, payment of insurance premium, issuance of insurance Policy document and terminates at midnight of last day of period of insurance 

  • Restoration of financial loss

  • Peace of Mind

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